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Bible Study:
Sunday              9:00 AM
Wednesday       6:00 PM
Sunday               10:00 AM
Sunday                 5:00 PM
Ladies Bible Class:
Thursdays     1:00 PM
(Excluding Summer months)

Please allow us the opportunity to thank you for visiting our website!  We hope that you’ll enjoy your online visit with us so much, that you’ll soon be joining us in person!

Let us introduce ourselves:
We are a group of about 35 members, who are energetic, passionate and dedicated to the cause of Christ, who firmly believe in “speaking the truth in love”.  We enjoy our time together in worship, but also in many other avenues as well.  We’re always looking for ways to fellowship with our brethren, and with the community around us, so that we may broaden the influence of Christ in our neighborhood.
Our website is designed to introduce ourselves to you as much as possible, so that you will feel comfortable with us before you even visit…but, please feel free to give us a call, or write us an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns at all.
Again, thank you for visiting, and enjoy browsing!